I Do Not Agree With a Comment About Press Release Distribution

I was in a networking meeting the other day with a room full of entrepreneurs. I was excited for this particular discussion because it was on the topics of social media and public relations. The panel consisted of two experts in their field and I was hopeful that I would receive information to expand my already extensive knowledge.

Unfortunately, the time was so limited that only a few items could be discussed. One such topic was on free press release distribution. The public relations panelist answered the question, “Because of my almost non-existent budget, are there free sites to distribute press releases?” with “No. You need to pay the $300+ dollars for exposure.” She then promoted her agency to conclude her answer.

Although it is true that you should use a wire service to disseminate your release for maximum exposure, not every business owner has the available funds to spend a few hundred dollars per release. Also, with social media being a significant gateway to promote your message, you can be creative when sending your press release.

Assuming you know your target market, I would research the editors of your local news
outlets (and national if applicable for your company) to send the release to, create an account at prlog.com and post, and create .jpg’s of your release to distribute on social media sites. If your release is written properly with SEO content, you should receive traction with those methods.

It is not the most effective or easiest way, but it can help you get your message out to
your target market. I am sure there are other free press release distribution sites, but I have noticed that Google recognizes prlog.com consistently in searches.

Once you have the budget to use a wire service, I would start using it immediately. Until then, use the Internet to your advantage.



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2 thoughts on “I Do Not Agree With a Comment About Press Release Distribution

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