Enhancing Facebook Fan Pages with Tabs. Are You Maximizing Your Page?

Add Application Tabs to Your Facebook Page to Enhance Information You Share and Increase Engagement with Your Connections.

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If you are a business owner with a Facebook fan-page, you need to make sure you are using all of the tools available to you to maximize your exposure. With social media constantly changing, it can be difficult to know how to integrate each of them to provide value to your consumers and prospective clients. I have listed some of the applications that I have found to enhance your fan-page. Many more applications exist for you to add value to your page, but I have listed a few that to get you started:

Creating Application Tabs for Facebook Page

Facebook displays up to four tabs on your page, but you can have up to 12 linked with your page. Unfortunately this requires your fans to click on the down-arrow to view them all, so you will need to be strategic when deciding which four tabs you want prominently displayed.

The “photos” tab cannot be moved, but you can move all of the other tabs in any order you choose. You can also change the thumbnail that is displayed automatically when you choose your applications, allowing you to be consistent with the look of your page.

The three tabs I chose to display (because remember only four are displayed and the photos cannot be moved) are my welcome page, my blog, and Surveymonkey.


To add an application, you only need to click on a blank tab with a “+” symbol in the corner. Scan the available applications and add. You can then click on the pencil in the top-right corner of the application tab to customize with your own thumbnail and label by choosing “edit settings”.

As an example, I will change the SurveyMonkey tab of my page.



Pagemodo (Landing Page Tab):  Although Facebook no longer allows fan-pages to have a landing page to promote “likes,” you still have the ability to create a landing page tab that you can direct people to. I have found Pagemodo to be a professional tool to create your page’s coverphoto and landing tab.

Like with most applications, you have a free and a paid option. I chose to use the free option and was able to customize it the way I wanted it.


TabSite:  Create numerous tabs (2 for the free version) with TabSite. Like with any free option, you have limits to customizing the content, but you are allowed two tabs. You must upgrade for many of the tools like blog and Twitter feed.

NetworkedBlogs: This application allows you to link your blog and the blogs you follow to be displayed as a tab.

Display Your Twitter Feed and LinkedIn wall: If you take the time required to add value to your followers, why not share your tweets with Facebook? You can add a tab for your fans to view your Twitter feed and view your LinkedIn updates.

File Sharing: Share your latest work, company financial recaps, and anything else you would like your fans to view.

Videos and Events:  These are separate tabs that allow you to share your videos and upcoming events. LinkedIn has removed its Event ability making this feature that much more important.

Livestream:  Do you host events that you would like to stream live and allow attendees to comment while at the event? You have the ability to show live video and blog live.

Extended Info:  If you have more to tell your fans than the existing About page on Facebook, this is the tab for you. You can use basic html code, or if you do not know html you do not need it to post images and videos anywhere.


Forum for Pages:  Do you want to ask questions to start and engage in discussions with your fans? Forum for Page is a perfect application. This application allows you to ask questions, your fans can respond, and you are able to reply. It is an easy and free application that provides you the opportunity to engage with your followers.

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As I mentioned earlier, additional applications exist for the html savvy user and the new social networker. Browse the applications available by clicking on the “+” icon on the empty tab and start enhancing your Facebook page today!

–Amber Marketing and public relations strategist assisting businesses by filling the marketing and public relations gap. Want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business? Learn More about AGM


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One thought on “Enhancing Facebook Fan Pages with Tabs. Are You Maximizing Your Page?

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