Remember to Cross-Promote Your Online Activities

Cross-Promote Or Miss Out On Opportunities
cross promote social media sites and profiles

I was asked to evaluate a company’s Facebook account today, and although they have an outstanding blog, a significant number of followers on their Twitter account, and a strong social media presence, their accounts are not being cross-promoted. This is a mistake that many businesses and individuals make when social networking.

This company has videos on their website and YouTube Channel that are fantastic, but they are not using Twitter’s Vine application to reach the significant number of followers they have, and they do not have a Facebook tab to promote these videos. The company also has an impressive blog that highlights their social media platforms, but they are not promoting the blog on Facebook with the use of a tab. (See How to Add a Facebook Tab)

What is to be learned from this evaluation? Remember that you need to cross-promote every social networking profile, and any online activity, to reach a variety of individuals in your target markets. If you are providing valuable content online to your audiences, cross-promoting will prevent you from missing out on some valuable opportunities.


How to Add a Facebook Tab

How to Add Social Networking Sites to Email Signature

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