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June 26, 2013:

vetstreetClient Publicity: The Things We Do For Love: Our Dogs Eat at the Table With Us featuring Brent Leonard and his dogs, Chaz and Zach in VetStreet.

“Kathy and Brent Leonard of West Linn, Ore.,trained their dogs not to beg at the table. But they never dreamed that they should have trained their dogs not to sit at the table!”

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June 19, 2013: 

Brent Leonard, advice, Dad, Amber Dixon, Amber Gold Marketing, MoneyPositive publicity, regardless of the topic, is always exciting. I have been able to get publicity for many of my family members, and the latest publicity was regarding my dad, “The Best Money Advice From Dad”.

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June 13, 2013:

Yahoo, Homes, Vicki, Tu'ua, State Farm, insurance, Amber Dixon, Amber Gold MarketingClient Publicity:  Yahoo! Homes used client, Vicki Tu’ua with State Farm Insurance, for article, “Five Strategies to Lower Your Home Insurance Bill.”

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May 13, 2013:

32atps scientific consulting in Utah, Carol Lynn George, used as a source for

Client Publicity: 32ATPS Scientific Consulting used as a source for Exciting opportunity for Carol Lynn George, Founder/President of 32ATPS Scientific Consulting in Utah, resulting in exposure that she had hoped for.

“Seven Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs: What They Wish They Had Known” by DIVYA on


May 6, 2013:

Ogden Piano Gallery, Amber dixon, Amber Gold Marketing, Salt Lake Magazine, piano, saleClient Publicity: Ogden Piano Gallery’s annual Weber State University piano sale featured in Salt Lake Magazine.

“A good piano is hard to find, but if it’s good enough for Weber State University (actually one of the state’s leading schools for pianists), it should work out for your living room. Following a 15 year tradition, Ogden Piano Gallery will be holding a public sale of 14 digital pianos, previously donated to Weber State. Included will be upright, grand and digital Yamaha Clavinova pianos.”

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May 2, 2013:

Ogden Piano Gallery, Annual sale, WSU, Weber State University, PianoClient Press Release:  Ogden Piano Gallery Hosting Public Sale of Under Warranty Pianos to Provide Annual Donation of New Pianos to Weber State University Students 

15-year tradition continues with 14 digital pianos donated to Weber State University’s technology lab

Ogden Piano Gallery Announces Public Sale


May 1, 2013:

No Harm Done, fundraising initiative to raise funds and awareness to fight domestic violence in Utah

Client Publicity:  Press release completed for No Harm Done, the fundraising initiative to raise awareness and the necessary funds to assist victims of domestic violence. No Harm Done will host a benefit concert with six featured artists performing at the University of Utah’s Olpin Union Ballroom on June 1st. A CD comprised with original music from 12 artists will also be available for sale, and all proceeds will be donated to the Utah Domestic Violence Council.

Full Release Requesting Corporate Sponsors


April 12, 2013:

Chelsey Perea owner of Green and Clean Cleaning Professionals in Utah highlighted in CEO Blog Nation regarding why she started her business. Publicity result of Amber Gold Marketing public relations initiative and client serviceClient Publicity:  My client, Green & Clean Cleaning Professionals, was highlighted on for “10 Things in Your House You Should Deep Clean Now”

Congratulations Chelsey Perea for the fantastic slideshow!

You can contact Chelsey Perea at:

(801) 696-3130

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February 22, 2013:

Client Publicity: My client, Jefferson Montoya with Love Songs, is hosting his first dating game event in Las Vegas on March 30, 2013. A press release ran, and tickets are being sold. What a fantastic spin on speed-dating!

Jefferson Montoya, Las Vegas event, dating game, dating, Amber Dixon, Amber Gold Marketing, Songs, live music, Steve ThomasLas Vegas residents, Jefferson Montoya and Steve Thomas, want to provide a dating experience where individuals are not hiding behind their computers, but instead are meeting people in person. Montoya, an award-winning songwriter, developed the idea of adding live music, a game show environment, and an advanced version of speed-dating for singles to escape the complications of online dating.

Read Full Release, A Unique Dating Event with a Musical Theme Launches in Las Vegas for Professional Singles

January 25, 2013:

Client Publicity for Dennis Walker,6 Ways to Start Saving for Maternity Leavein

If you’re self-employed, don’t assert employer-sponsored physical condition insurance, or assert anticyclone co-pays, your preeminent line of vindication is to be realistic and informed on the subject of the inflexible expenditure. Financial services certified Dennis Walker of Utah-based Intermountain Financial Group says so as to women who search out pregnant with no insurance can now and again be deemed barred in favor of coverage.

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December 7, 2012:

Chelsey Perea owner of Green and Clean Cleaning Professionals in Utah highlighted in CEO Blog Nation regarding why she started her business. Publicity result of Amber Gold Marketing public relations initiative and client serviceClient Publicity: Green & Clean Cleaning Professionals, LLC was highlighted in CEO Blog Nation regarding why the owner, single mother Chelsey Perea, started her own business. Fantastic exposure for a Utah company that has found phenomenal success in the first year since starting the business.

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November 17, 2012:

Client Publicity: Steve Knudson, Knudson LLC, used as a source for The Credit Solution Program on the topic, “What is Your Net Worth, and Why Should You Care?”

Financial expert Steve Knudson of Intermountain Financial Group says that relying too heavily on net worth becomes problematic when based on unrealistic projections of unpredictable forces.

Learn More About Why You Should Care About Your Net Worth


October 23, 2012:

Client Publicity: Steve Knudson, Knudson LLC, used as a source for Credit Solution Program regarding, “6 Ways to Test Your Financial Literacy Today.”

“Anyone 50 and older should “obtain some level of long-term care insurance to avoid the catastrophic loss of a chronic illness in later years,” says Steve Knudson, a financial adviser.”

Read Full Story to Test Your Financial Literacy


July 15, 2012:

Client Publicity: Steve Knudson, Knudson LLC, interviewed on Web Talk Radio regarding, “The New Retirement – Predictable Engagement.”

“One key retirement goal is financial security. We get this when we have ample and reliable income and predictable expense. As long as you can manage both sides, income and expense, your retirement can become sustainable. Steve Knudson a financial adviser with thirty years of experience shares his insights on how to manage both sides of the ledger.”

Listen to Knudson’s Interview


June 26, 2012:

Client Publicity: Steve Knudson, Knudson LLC, used as a source for Minyanville regarding, “5 Crippling Money Moves You Could Be Making Now”

“Steven K. Knudson, financial advisor at Intermountain Financial Group, says that even those with a “Group Long Term Disability” plan at work should add personal fixed income protection in a non-cancellable disability insurance plan to make sure assets are covered. Additionally he recommends securing adequate life insurance coverage as early as possible. “With term life insurance so inexpensive these days, get it while you are young enough to qualify and it’s cheap enough that you can afford it.””

Learn More About the 5 Crippling Money Moves


May 23, 2012:

Client Publicity: New Training Better Prepares Salt Lake City, Utah Financial Services Professional to help families with Special Needs on Yahoo! News, Salt Lake Tribune, Top News Today.

“Bret Hortin has received the newly developed Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) designation to help families with special needs plan for their children’s future proactively.”

Read More About How Bret Hortin Can Serve Utah’s Special Needs Community


May 12, 2012:

Client Publicity: Jordan Jones, Financial Services Professional, chosen for several video segments on Jordan Jones discusses many topics relating to the financial services industry in several video segments as an eHow presenter.

Learn from Jordan Jones with His Video Segments


April 4, 2012:

Client Publicity: The Ten Commandments of Selecting a Mutual Fund as a 401k Option in Fiduciary News.

“Todd Reid, General Agent for Intermountain Financial Group in Salt Lake City, Utah says this will indicate the “time horizon, liquidity, and true risk tolerance” of the plan’s investors; hence, act as a great starting point towards selecting funds.”

Read More on the Ten Commandments of Selecting a Mutual Fund as a 401k Option

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